Ten things about Susie Bubble:

1) I'm British Born Chinese by way of Hong Kong - though often get mistaken for being Japanese/Korean by fellow Hong Kong-ers.

2) I grew up eating my way around the world because my parents are obsessed foodies - I will literally try everything and anything. Kangaroo steaks? Yum. Fried cicadas? Hmmm hmmm.

3) I have a disturbing weakness for period dramas - especially BBC ones!

4) I had two hamsters named Bobble and Bubble after the arcade game - they ended up killing each other though and when they died, I buried one under the apple tree and the other under the pear tree - I thought they'd be happier by themselves.

5) I went all the way through primary school thinking I was a high achiever but then got to secondary school and realised that I was actually quite a mediocrity.

6) My love of fashion was initially an act of rebellion against my parents and the 'popular' people at school - which then developed into something all consuming and now is my number one passion.

7) I take up tons of craft, DIY projects and other creative things only to leave them half finished and botched up - this is something I'm working on!

8) I have 3 younger sisters - we are all wildly different but are all outcasts in our own little ways.

9) My parents met in an airport and fell in love at first sight - they have a sickeningly together/stable marriage. Thus, the bar has been raised too high and I in turn have NO faith in love whatsoever.

10) Susie Bubble wasn't made up by myself, it was my friend Sarah Hill at primary school that gave it to me. Then the whole class started calling me that - it's because I always looked like I was in a world of my own, in a BUBBLE!
I have not really grown out of this - you will often see me staring into space, fixated at nothing in particular or listening to my iPod oblivious to many things.


....macaroons from laduree, artshows with killer paintings or artists with killer instincts and all things killer. oh, and i like looking at the sea, because the sea likes looking back at me!!, penguin classics anniversary books, shoes with a good sturdy heel and shimmery make up. i like eating anything with red beans, garlic butter and nuts (not necessarily all at once). i like seeing films that have killer lines, killer gigs, amelia's magazine, feathers and lace...